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The New Point Tracking Mode Explained

The New Point Tracking Mode Explained

With the edelkrone app’s latest iOS release, we have updated many features related to Point Tracking Mode. The new release includes the following improvements:

• New Improved Point Teaching Dialogue Box: Point teaching instructions are now more visible and clearer on a larger screen area with more descriptive instructions.
• New Aim & Focus Point Teaching Method: You can now simply aim your camera and focus on the point to quickly teach its position to the system.
• New Lens Mapping Method: Lens mapping is now fast and simple, requiring no measurement tools. Just enter the distance measurements on your lens into the app, and that’s it.
• HeadONE Full Support: HeadONE v2 now supports Point Tracking mode in both single-axis and double-axis modes.
• Fixed Point Switching Bugs: We have resolved the bugs related to point switching and other special setup combinations.

Install the edelkrone iOS app to take advantage of these features.


Point Tracking Mode | Effortless and Captivating Visuals with edelkrone

The “Point Tracking” feature automates head motions, enabling you to get amazing tracking shots effortlessly. With such impressive shots, you will captivate your audience while increasing your production value.

Key Features:

• Availability: Pair any edelkrone Head device with an edelkrone body device (sliders, jibs, or dollies) to enable Point Tracking mode.
• System-Wide Capability: Countless combinations deliver this feature’s amazing potential.
• Easy Setup: Enter Point Tracking mode by pressing the button on the edelkrone app, and after a quick calibration, you’re ready to go.
• Simple Tracking: Aim your camera at the same point from two angles to set a tracking point automatically.
• Additional Features: With HeadPLUS, use a laser module or the Focus-Zoom module for even more practical point setting options.
• Reliable Tracking: The head will track the point and keep it fixed in the frame, regardless of body movement.
• Automatic Motion: Set starting and ending positions, and enjoy fully automatic panning and tilting for perfect results.
• Autofocusing: With the Focus/Zoom module on HeadPLUS, enjoy autofocusing with manual focus lenses using the lens-mapping method.
• Lens Mapping: Map any manual focus lens in seconds, save mappings to your phone, and share with the lens community.
• Versatility: Works regardless of camera orientation; you can attach your camera vertically or horizontally.
• Single HeadONE: Even with one HeadONE, achieve impressive Point Tracking shots by pairing with any edelkrone body device.
• Motion Timelapse: Convert any tracking shot into a motion timelapse video with ease.
• Reliable Motion: Super reliable and repeatable motion, perfect for ambitious VFX shots.
• Multi-Point Tracking: Track up to six different points, transition smoothly between them while preserving the parallax effect.
• Customizable Framing: Move the tracked points’ positions using the red joystick and maintain consistent framing.
• Zoom Capability: Save specific zoom amounts for each point when using the Focus-Zoom module, enhancing live production capabilities.

Enhance Your Storytelling:

As cinema technology advances, so do your clients’ expectations. Point Tracking Mode will greatly enhance the appeal of your storytelling and exceed expectations by delivering unparalleled, captivating visuals. Normally, achieving such visuals would require advanced motion control programming knowledge, hired experts, and long hours. With edelkrone, these results are effortless and achieved right on the first try.

You can have as many tracking shots as you want throughout your production, anywhere, anytime, without needing a crew. No matter whether you opt for our high-level or entry-level products, choosing edelkrone will elevate your videography and set you apart in the industry.



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