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Why Early Ordering with edelkrone is a Game-Changer:

At edelkrone, we're not just innovators; but we're also manufacturers. Your early orders drive our efficiency and innovation even further.

  1. Bulk Raw Material Purchases: When you place an order in advance, it provides us with an accurate forecast. This forecast enables us to buy raw materials in bulk, ensuring quality and reducing costs.
  2. Optimized Production Cycles: With a clearer understanding of demand, we can produce in larger batches. By producing in volume, we spend less time on setups and changeovers.
  3. Avoiding Overproduction and Underproduction: Just as a meteorologist predicts the weather, your early orders help us predict demand. This means we won't produce too much (leading to potential waste) or too little (missing out on sales opportunities).
  4. Financial Savings Translated to You: All these efficiencies translate into cost savings for us. And here's the beautiful part: we want to pass those savings on to you! By planning ahead, you're not only securing your favorite designs but also availing them at a special discounted rate.

As the Black Friday tradition approaches, we see it as the perfect opportunity to celebrate and reward our forward-thinking customers. This season, enjoy the designs you love at prices you'll love even more.

So, why wait? Plan ahead, order early, and save big with edelkrone.

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