Handle Pack for PocketRIG v3 (Clearance)

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Handle Pack

Key Features:

1. Ergonomic Handles: The pack includes a top/left-side handle, a right handle suitable for smaller cameras, and a dual-handgrip unit. These handles are designed to offer comfortable and secure gripping options, reducing fatigue during extended shooting sessions  .

2. Modular Design: The top handle can be repositioned on the side of the half cage for optimal balance and vertical shooting. This flexibility ensures that users can find the most comfortable and stable configuration for their specific needs .

3. Additional 15mm Rods: The handle pack includes three 15mm rods that can be used to expand the rig’s capabilities. These rods are ideal for attaching accessories like a follow focus, matte box, battery pack, or monitor. When not in use, they can be discreetly stored within the handles  .

4. Cold Shoe Mount: The right handle includes a cold shoe mount, providing additional points for mounting accessories like microphones or lights, further enhancing the rig’s versatility .


Enhanced Stability: By offering multiple gripping options, the Handle Pack helps maintain a steady shot, which is crucial for professional-quality footage.

Customization: Users can customize the rig to fit their shooting style and equipment, making it suitable for a wide range of cameras and setups.

Portability: Despite its robust features, the Handle Pack maintains the PocketRIG v3’s compact and portable nature, making it easy to transport and set up .

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